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Excellent Clinical Web Sites for Physicians and Healthcare Providers

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research The web site for the research agency of the federal government that provides clinical information and data for improving the quality of health care. The site also offers a government information locator service.

American Heart Association The web site for the AHA that provides an extensive source of information on cardiovascular diseases including different publications of the American Heart Association.
American Medical Association The web site for the AMA that provides information of interest to physicians. The site also offers on-line medical journals, a database of physicians, and consumer health information.
Cancer Education The site provides healthcare professionals and cancer patients with access to the latest advances in treatment modalities diagnostic procedures, and serves as a cancer-focused portal to Internet resources. The site is divided into the Patient & Family center and the Professional center. On-line resources and tools include: The Physicians Desk Reference, MedLine, on-line medical journals, medical conferences, treatment guidelines, and clinical trials search engine.
eMedicine This site provides an on-line medical reference library, well organized and easy to use (their logo: Medical Textbooks for Health Professionals) and useful links to other medical and consumer sites.
Food and Drug Administration The site for the FDA that provides basic information and guidance on products FDA regulates and other regulatory information.
Health A to Z An extensive search engine for health and medications, although designed for consumer information, there is also information for health providers.
Integrated Medical Curriculum A collection of medical education materials that includes anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, histology, immunology, and medical ethics that can be used by medical student, residents, and practicing physicians.
Medical Journals One-stop access and shopping for any on-line medical journal. This website is an outstanding resource. Although the site is located in Italy, the language is English.
Medical Matrix Medical Matrix is an impressive free directory of selected medical sites that provides peer-reviewed, annotated, updated clinical medicine resources, and access to journals, textbooks, and Medline.
Medicine Online The site bills itself as your gateway to the world of medicine on the Internet. Provides medical information, medical references and addition connections but requires medical license number and DEA number for registration.
Medsite Geared for physicians, the site rates and reviews over 10,000 medical and health related sites.
Meducation Meducation provides links to different medical information sites available on the internet for practicing physicians, educators, and students.
National Center for Disease Control and Prevention Information on what's new, traveler's health, health information, publications, data and statistics from the world famous CDC in Atlanta.
National Institute of Health Access information from the US National Institute of Health including publications, health hotlines, toll-free health hotlines, special programs, clinical trials, health literature references, and other resources.
Oncology Online Provides medical information and education on oncology but requires a DEA number for medical professionals who wish to access discussion sites.
Physician Desk Reference The Physician Desk Reference (PDR) is available free on the Internet and requires registration. Other free references available at the site include: Stedman's Dictionary, Red Book, Directory of Hospital Personnel, HMO/PPO Directory, and other publications. Medline, AIDSLINE, CANCERLIT, and HealthSTAR databases can also be accessed.
Physicians Online Designed for physicians, the site provides an extensive sources of databases such as Medline, medical journals, news, and an outline of 700 clinical conditions. Requires your DEA number or similar information for registration.
The Doctors Page A web site designed for the practicing physician to provide medicine links, patient education, and online claims coding resources.
TheHeart.org A web site designed to provide updated information on cardiovascular medicine, including clinical trials, case studies, useful links.
VOLC-R Primary Care Related Internet Resources Over 200 links including university departments, associations, hospitals, references, literature searches, drug information and more. An excellent site for accessing other web-based resources.

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