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Welcome to DocMD.com's Consumer Health Web Site links. This section is intended to provide consumers with useful links to the extensive amount of medical information on the Internet. For the physicians and healthcare cadre who may see this site, it provides information regarding what our patients are reading. Access to MEDLINE is included on this site, but you can also access it via DocMD.com. We have listed this site in alphabetical order for your convenience. Please contact us at info@docmd.com if you have additional suggestions or comments for sites.
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research A gateway consumer health information site sponsored by the U.S. Government that Includes publications, databases, web sites, support and self-help groups.
American Academy of Family Physicians The site provides an extensive range of medical problems that family physicians manage.
American Cancer Society The site provides extensive information about the cancer including causes, risk factors, prevention, and treatments.
American Heart Association An extensive source of information on cardiovascular dieases including a home, health and family section, health news and an interactive risk assessment test for heart disease.
American Medical Association Health Insight A site sponsored by the American Medical Association (AMA) that provides information on specific medical problems and general health. The web site also includes a physician and hospital finder database.
Cancer Education The site provides healthcare professionals and cancer patients with access to the latest advances in treatment modalities diagnostic procedures, and serves as a cancer-focused portal to Internet resources. The site is divided into the Patient & Family center and the Professional center. On-line resources and tools include: The Physicians Desk ReferenceŽ, MedLineŽ, On-line Medical Journals, Medical Conferences, Treatment Guidelines, and Clinical Trials Search Engine.
Combined Health Information Database An extensive database from the health-related agencies of the federal government that provides health information and health education resources.
Family Medicine Online Provides search capabilitys that is sponosred by AAFP.
Food and Drug Administration From the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), specific consumer information includes food, nutrition. and drug information, and other useful information for patients.
Health A to Z An extensive search engine for health and medications, with both health provider and consumer information.
HealthAnswers is an interactive healthcare Web site for consumersand professionals that provides practical healthcare information aboutmedical, fitness and nutritional issues.
Health and Science from EurekAlert! A site from the American Association for the Advancement of Science that provides information about the latest research advances in science, medicine, health and technology.
Health Education Combined Health Information Database Provided by the National Institutes of Health, the site provides health information and health education resources that are not indexed elsewhere on the internet.
Health Hotlines (NLM) A site sponsored by the National Library of Medicine that includes information regarding health-related organizations with toll-free telephone services.
Health information (Reuters Health Information Services) With over 20 full-text news items published online every day, the Reuters Health Information Services site is a resource for both health care professionals and consumers interested in the latest news from the medical world.
Health on the Net The site provides access to medical resources, health care news and health databases for health professionals and health care providers.
Health Personal Health Guide an online personal guide from the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research. Information to help you and your health care provider make sure that you get the tests, immunizations (shots) and guidance you need to stay healthy. Covers blood pressure, immunizations, cholesterol, weight, colorectal cancer, oral health, preventive care, tobacco use, physical activity, nutrition, depression, safety, HIV and AIDS, family planning and alcohol and drug use. A printed pocket-sized guide is available, as well as AHCPR's Child Health Guide.
Healthfinder A US government sponsored consumer health and human services information web site. The site links to a variety of information on healthcare including other sites, publications, databases, support groups, and government agencies.
HealthGate A leading provider of many respected and widely used medical resources on the Web. HealthGate provides more than 50 resources for a various audiences, including clinicians, researchers and patients.
Healthtouch Online The site provides information on pharmaceuticals and familiar medical problems.
Hypertension Network The site provides detailed information about this very important and treatable disease.
JAMA Information Centers is maintained by the Journal of the American Medical Association, a series of peer-reviewed resources.
Johns Hopkins InfoNet An extensive Web site from Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions that contains extensive health care information the different medical departments, and specialties of the Johns Hopkins Medical System.
MedExplore A free medical-health related search engine without registration requirements that can be utilized primarily by healthcare professionals and consumers.
MedHelp International Provides consumer health information.
Medical access Provides information about physicians, hospitals, disease information, and professional organizations.
Medical Matrix is an extensive free directory of selected medical sites with an extensive list of specialty links. The site also provides peer-reviewed, annotated, updated clinical medicine resources, and access to journals, textbooks, and MEDLINE.
Medical Online A site designed to provide both health care professionals and public with medical information.
Medicine from eMedicine An on-line medical reference library, well organized and easy to use (their logo: Medical for Health Professionals) and useful links to other medical and consumer sites.
MedicineNet A site that includes physician educators that provide medical information for the lay public.
MedMark is an incredible search engine in English from overseas that provides extensive Medical Resources by Medical Specialty. When you first open this site, you will need to close the initial message that appears to be written in hieroglyphics.
Meducation The site provides links to medical information intended for educators and students.
National Health Information Center (NHIC) The site includes over 1000 organizations and federal offices that provide health information.
National Institutes of Health News, research information and professional and consumer health information from the multiple Health Institutes that are part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, including the National Cancer Institute, and multiple other sites.
National Library of Medicine Every National Institutes of Health, this database lists a wealth of health promotion and education materials and programs.
Quackwatch A site with online reports about practices ranging from chelation therapy to weight control ploys, and frauds.
Word on Health A consumer health information service from the NIH (National Institute of Health).

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