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For all professionals, learning how to manage your money is of the utmost importance. DocMD.com will be committed to providing you with the most relevant information for your consideration.
  MoneyCentral: An excellent free site that includes investor information, news, commentary, and interactive tools that Microsoft previously charged for but now is free.  
  CNN Financial: Financial news, analysis, data, and investor tools.  
  Quicken.com: A prior familiarization with Quicken software is useful, and since many individuals use this, it can be a user-friendly site for these individuals.  
  CBS MarketWatch: Free financial news from CBS and Data Broadcasting Corporation that provides rapid analysis of market events.  
  Yahoo! Finance: A great summary of Website links for financial information.  
  TheStreet.com: Currently priced at $99/year, with the first month trial free that provides financial news and commentary, and will send to your e-mail site with afternoon, and evening reports. Provides data, research, tools and other resources. You can also get this free if you have an investment account at DLJ Direct.+  
  The Motley Fool: The Motley Fool is an interesting and provocative investment information site. For more extensive information, there is a membership fee.  
  Bloomberg: The parent company has a financial news program that is often seen in the northeast, including updated financial data.  
  Lycos: A search engine that has acquired Quote.com, to provide interesting investing resources.  
  Raging Bull: Provides active message boards with an interesting site design.  

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