Welcome to the Ziconotide Source, an interactive Internet site intended for US audiences. This web site is designed to provide information to physicians and healthcare personnel on important and new aspects of ziconotide, a novel therapeutic modality to treat pain, currently under regulatory review at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Ziconotide is a novel non-opioid, non local anesthetic, developed for the treatment of severe chronic pain. Ziconotide (also previously referred to as CI 1009, or SNX-111) is the synthetic form of the cone snail peptide w-cenotoxin M-VII-A, a neurone-specific N-type calcium channel blocker that is being developed as an analgesic agent by Neurex Corporation (a subsidiary of Elan Corporation). The New Drug Application (NDA) for ziconotide, which was submitted on December 28, 1999, had been accepted as filed by the FDA. The FDA has agreed to a six-month review of this NDA.

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